Letter to Hunters



Dear Big Game Hunter


It is with regret that I must announce that we will not be able to pick up the deer and moose hides from all the former Hats for Hides Depots.  There will still be 20+ depots (see depot page)

Yes, the conservative government did contribute 100,000 this year to the program and at the time the goverment decided to assist this year, it was not known that Barrett Hides in Barrie, ON was closing their doors!  The hats for this year had already been ordered and paid for.

For the past several years Barrett Hides picked up and held the deer and moose hides from Western, ON (on behalf of BRT) and BRT picked up the deer and moose hides from Northern and Eastern, ON.  We have tried to locate someone in Western, ON who could do a weekly pick up from the depots and compile the hides into loads for shipping out.  Frankly, there is not enough revenue in hides to make this appealing to anyone :(  

There will be very limited Hats for Hides collection depots in Western, ON.  Mapleton Taxidermy (south of London), Lantz Meat Market (Durham), John Somosi (Hanover), Whites Tanning (Rockwood) and Leskas' Meats (Orillia); so utilize these depots if at all possible.  If you are hunting up north, please check the website for Northern Ontario depot locations.

We regret any inconvenience to the hunting community but these circumstances are beyond our control.

  1. Bear hides have been eliminated from the exchange program – bear hunters are welcome to purchase a hat or crest or hat and crest for their collection.
  2. Party hunters are allowed to purchase extra hats and crests so all members of the hunting party can obtain a hat and crest if they wish to do so.
  3. An unspoiled deer hide less than 6 sqft, or caped hide, or a deer hide cut in half will receive a crest a no charge and the hunter has the option to purchase a hat at a nominal fee if they wish to do so.
  4. No free crest or hat will be give out for a spoiled hide (turning green, off odour, hair slippage) regardless of the size of the hide – hunter may purchase hat and crest if they would like to.
  5. Some plain camo and deluxe camo hunting hats are available to purchase at participating depots for bow hunters who would prefer camo to orange.

Please feel free to contact our office directly if you have any questions.

With Sincere Thanks,


Barb Thompson
Program Co-ordinator


Phone: 705-295-6833